Burbits body has longer and cylindrical shape and is gets more and more flattened from the diaphragm to the caudal fin. Its head is also flattened with wide mouth and small bristled teeth in it. While there is a long tentacle under the lower jaw there are two smaller tentacles above the upper jaw, beside the nostrils. The first dorsal fin is very short in contrast with the second one which is very long and reaches down to rounded caudal fin. The anal fin is also long. Pelvic fins are moved to the front and are right under the big pectoral fins. Burbit has barely visible scales covered with slime. The main body colour is brown to olive green with lighter sides and yellow or dirty white belly. The whole body and fins are typically covered with stripes. It can reach up to 60 cm in length and 2 kg in weight.

It spawns from November to March with the main season from December to January. The female lays up to 1 million tiny eggs to the sandy bottom or water vegetation.

Burbit lives in lakes and running waters in middle and northern Europe. It prefers clean water and habitat that offers shelter during the day. It’s an extremely tough animal which hunts on other fish at night. In our districts Burbit can be found in Lake Cerknica, Rak Creek and in the lower stream of the Cerkniščica Creek. Its population is declining due to pollution and more and more frequent dry seasons.

Fishing technique: 
It has become endangered in our waters and as such forbidden for fishing.