Its body is flattened on the side and quite high. The mouth is small and very inclined. Its eyes are yellow red. The scales between pelvic and anal fins end in sharp abdominal curve which is one of the features that distinguishes Red Eye from Roach. Roach has this part of the body rounded. Red eyes back is brow green to grey with glittering yellow sides and silver white belly. While pectoral fin and dorsal fin are orange other fins are red with intensified colour towards the end of the fins which gave the fish its name. In Lake Cerknica Red eye can grow to 40 cm and can weigh over l kg.

It spawns from April to June. They gather in groups in shallow banks overgrown with vegetation. When they are seasoning males have heat rashes over their bodies.

Red Eye can be found all over Europe except in Spain, Peloponnese, Mediterranean islands and high North. It can be found in still or slow running waters where it lives in groups. It swims in all layers of the water mostly in shallow banks overgrown with vegetation. It was artificially inhabited in Cerkniščica Creek by the fishermen in 1969. From there the population spread fast into the lake where it has become prevailing specie.

Fishing technique: 
Red eye is very important for sports fishing because of its size and powerful resistance when caught on the hook. We fish this fish with float fishing gear and normally with a buoy. The most suitable natural bait is bread or pastry. It swallows the bait fast and quite deep so the line should be pulled quite fast when you feel the bite. The fishing is the most successful in warm and sultry weather. Fly fishing is also quite popular because of the red eyes greediness and grabbing the bait in the air.

Red Eyes flesh is full of fish bones but also very tasty. Because of its numerous and easy way to catch them they are very popular as a local dish. You can find some recipes in our special column Recipes.